3 Great Office Jobs You May Enjoy

Do you want to work in an office? Many people enjoy working alongside other people as the backbone of a company. It’s much less strenuous than other positions and there is a variety of positions to suit every need. Best of all, many of the positions require no prior experience nor require any college background. Find the best jobs now available through staffing services holyoke ma and get a career in an office that will make you happy.

Three top office jobs to consider include:

·    Administrative Assistant: An administrative assistant is someone who performs various clerical duties to ensure that the day to day operations run smoothly. There are both skilled and unskilled positions, depending on the company. This position pays up to $39,000 per year.

·    Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk: In this position, you are responsible for paying all of the bills the company owes and making sure that all of the dues the company is owed is paid. Many companies prefer experience in this field and many also require a Bachelor’s degree. This position offers a pay average of about $41,000 annually.

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·    Office Assistant: An office assistant is very similar to an administrative assistant, except he or she performs fewer duties. An office assistant answer telephones, greets customers as they come into the office, and provides other services. There is no experience needed for most positions, but you should have a pleasing, outgoing personality. Office assistant positions pay around $25,000 annually to start.

The three positions above are only a handful of the many office positions you may find available ready for you to fill. If you enjoy working in an office type setting, perhaps you can fill one of these positions.