Getting Your Message Across To The Masses

Promotion, advertising and brand awareness are the heart and soul of business.  When we have something to show people or if we want them to take an action the best way to do it is through a sign.  A sign is a permanent fixture that represents your business, organization or message. 

Designing a sign

When designing a sign you want to keep a few points in mind.  First off you want to decide on your message.  The message is the heart of your sign.  If the message you create is unclear or confusing then your message will fall on deaf ears.  However, if your message is clear, to the point and sparks interest and action then your design works.

signs and graphics austin

When deciding on your signs and graphics austin you want to keep them simple.  Many people make the mistake of having flashy characters, bright flashing lights and other elements that they believe will draw attention.  Keeping your logo simple, your colors uniform and clean are all you need for a sign.

Sign Placement

When designing your sign consider the placement of your sign.  Will it be high up in the air or close to the ground?   What will be around your sign?  How much traffic will be around your sign and how long will people have to read it?

For example if your sign is going to be on a major highway where people have a lot of distractions and need to focus on the road your sign needs to be clear and to the point. If it is too distracting then they won’t look at it.  With these signs you need them big and bold but simple.

For areas that have a slower moving pace you can have more complex or detailed signs.  For example when walking into a store a customer has a greater time span to stop and read the information on the sign. This type of sign can have more words, give greater detail and serves a totally different purpose.